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Flora is the heiress to a bottled water fortune. Nell wants to blow her up.

​In a swelteringly hot bunker underneath London, Nell has Lord Tobias Bell - the son of a water bottle magnate - making threatening videos, holding machine guns and cooking lentil-based dishes. They plot to pull his sister, Flora, into the bunker, to hold her hostage till their climate based demands are taken seriously. But when Flora arrives, there’s something else sitting underneath their hate.

As Flora and Nell run from and circle each other, the two are drawn into a tense, obsessive relationship that hurtles toward some sort of eventual disaster. 

And there’s the nagging feeling that maybe they’ve met before.

Work in progress showing as part of 96 Festival at Omnibus Theatre. 11- 13 July

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Thirst - work in progress showing at Omnibus Theatre July 2022



James Chetwood

as Toby


Eleni Papaioannou

as Flora


Scarlet Simmons

as Nell

creative team

Writer - Ashley Milne

Directors - Jessy Roberts and Rebecca McGreevy

Producer - Lucia Rimini