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Tap Root

work in progress reading

by Ashley Milne

A new name, new history, new birthday. 

Lurid headlines splashed all over the shops, tweets with pictures of other people’s faces threatening him violence, his mother organising clandestine meetings in far flung coffee shops, the world flinging open and closing in. 

Are we supposed to make a life out of this? Do we deserve one?


Join us at The Glitch for the work in progress reading of Tap Root, April 2023

A new piece by Ashley Milne, in development with Teastain Theatre's Rebecca McGreevy, Jessy Roberts and performed by James Chetwood. 


creative team

Writer - Ashley Milne

Director / Dramaturgs - Jessy Roberts and Rebecca McGreevy

Performer - James Chetwood

Photos by Rebecca McGreevy

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